Resilience and growth for every Square seller.

GoGoGuest gives your Square Register, POS and payments ecosystem all the tools you need to adapt to a changing guest experience in your storefront and online store.

GoGoGuest For Square Sellers

Reliable Business WiFi Service

GoGoGuest For Square Sellers
Secure your Internet and learn from real-world insights.

We optimize your storefront’s business WiFi network and offer guest WiFi with an engaging and branded captive portal. Your account comes with powerful built-in digital tools and data solutions and one-click app integrations..

  • Capture unique email addresses 40x faster
  • Limit guest WiFi use (option: require a purchase)
  • Reward based on frequency of visit  and average order

Send Smart Email Content

GoGoGuest For Square Sellers
Comes with data-driven email marketing features.

A digital tools hub that integrates with popular POS systems and eCommerce platforms, making it easier for your business to see all your customer data in one place.

  • Choose from our gallery of free email templates
  • Never miss an opportunity with smart automations
  • Personalize content, customer by customer

Launch A Great Business Website

Everything you need to attract customers to your physical storefront and sell more online.

Go live with a fully responsive website and all the digital tools you need to start, run and grow your business and brand.

  • You’ll gain access and the support of our digital strategists and consulting integrations team to design and build a website or online store that scales to your business needs.

Gain Customer Data and Insights

GoGoGuest For Square Sellers
Make data-driven business decisions with Guest Intelligence.

Guest Intelligence is our data solutions platform that gives a business or brand the power to bring all your customer data in one place. Listen, analyze and make data driven decisions about insights on new product opportunities, customer trends and campaign experiments.

Integrations That Give You Full Control

Elevate your guest experience.

Personalize and deliver consistent and meaningful engagement and experiences across all your channels. Let us streamline and optimize your existing systems.

See GoGoGuest + Square In Action.

Optimize your limited capacity seating. Integrate with contact-less apps. Gather all your customer data in one place.

Business types

GoGoGuest supports every Square merchant or seller.

Digital tools that make a difference.

Over 200 businesses and brands rely on GoGoGuest.