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Whether you’re a hospitality brand, coffee shop, restaurant, retailer or a co-working space, we have data-driven customer engagement tools to take your business to the next level of growth.

Give customers a unified customer experience in your physical stores and online channels. GoGoGuest customer engagement toolsets creates a complete customer profile, analyzes it for you then determines the next best experience.

Grow and centralize all your customers

Grow and centralize all your customers

Keep track of  your customer engagements. GoGoGuest unifies all your customer touch points across all your store locations, platforms and channels. Simply connect all your other data sources including POS systems, WiFi systems, eCommerce platforms, website, landing pages and third-party apps (or your own). 

Complete customer profiles organized by groups

Complete customer profiles organized by groups

GoGoGuest artificial intelligence (AI) and logic cleans and organizes your data from each data pipeline to give you an organized view of your audience. New customers or contacts are automatically added to your GoGoGuest customer management dashboard and organized based on previous engagement and actions. 

Automate persona building and customer segments

Automate persona building and customer segments

Plan customer engagement programs by customer persona and unique customer groups. Personalize content and offering by your customer’s preferred channel and product bundling. Empower your team to prioritize and be laser focus on your goals and available resources.

Determine the next best experience

Determine the next best experience

Never miss a beat with easy to set-up and update marketing automations triggered by customer actions. Personalize your content based on a customer’s most recent engagement, location and unique personal identifiers including birthdays, anniversaries and other notable life milestones. 

Refine the experience, customer by customer

Refine the experience, customer by customer

Use our gallery of  FREE templates to create and send personalized, channel and market specific content. Create and send as many email campaigns as you need. Our creative toolsets come with A/B testing, spam testing and optimized sending. SMS toolsets are also an option.

Discover untapped opportunities

Discover untapped opportunities

See a complete view of your business performance across all locations and channels. Empower your marketing, finance and operations teams with insights that grow your bottom-line. Stay ahead of your competition with an elevated customer experience and a complete view of your business.

Our promise

Easy to use and secure customer data management with intuitive customer engagement and analytics tools that optimize data from systems you already use. 


1-2-3 steps to customer engagement management

Our 3-step approach

Unify your customer data from each location, channel and third-party apps with one-click connections. Let our artificial intelligence and platform’s logic determine the next best experience.

Easy and complete customer data management for hospitality, restaurants and food service businesses

Create complete customer profiles

  • Centralize all your customer data in one place 
  • Gain insights from all actions taken 
  • Organize  into customer groups and segments
GoGoGuest customer engagement and analytics_basket analysis

Gather insights 

  • Use a combination of offers, channels and content
  • Discover unique insights and markers by customer group
  • Determine the next best action
Refine customer journeys

Refine customer journeys

  • Discover popular product and service combinations 
  • Optimize offers, rewards and unique specials 
  • Execute on data-driven menu design 
  • Enhance and adjust based on real-time analytics
Customer Engagement Toolsets

“GoGoGuest customer engagement toolsets helped us grow our audience in-store and online. The automations and premium email marketing makes it so easy to remain connected with our loyal customers.”

Adam Guttentag, Owner

Harajuku Taproom

Brands growing on GoGoGuest

Supercharge your customer experience

Customer engagement toolsets that elevate your brand. 

  • Unified data capture and management
  • Data analysis
  • Automated persona building and segmentation
  • Artificial Intelligence powered insights 
  • Refine the next best action 
  • Premium email marketing and SMS
  • Access to human support